SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES 9 a.m. wednesday bible study 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. THESE SERVICES ARE livestream ON OUR PASTOR'S FACEBOOK PAGE (Michael Ray Dixon).


These are subject to continual revisions as the situation dictates

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the safety guidelines set by the CDC, the State of N.C., and the Southern Baptist Convention, we enter into the following plans to return to our regular worship services, fellowship times, and small groups. May we continue prayerfully through these coming months, depending upon God’s provision and protection, and seeking to utilize the wisdom that God has given His people for the safety of all.

In the awareness that our society seems to currently be in the second wave of COVID-19 infections, with Vidant Hospital dealing with the largest number of COVID patients recently since this pandemic began, we must proceed with great caution and safety. Also, realizing that colder weather is coming I recommend that we begin to bring Sunday morning services inside following strict guidelines outlined here. IF ANYONE IS UNCOMFORTABLE RETURNING TO INDOOR SERVICES, UNDER THESE PROTOCOLS, WE WILL ENCOURAGE THEM TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE WORSHIP SERVICES (TELEPHONE, ONLINE, RADIO/PARKING LOT, CDs).

As we begin to return to indoor Sunday services on November 1, 2020 I have outlined the precautions which I feel are necessary at this time:

A. There will be no congregational singing. The Praise Team will however share in music and a couple of songs during the service. They will be positioned in the choir loft, as far away from the congregation as possible. The Praise Team, as well as the Pastor, or anyone else actively participating in the service will undergo a temperature check prior to the service.

All individuals entering the building will have their temperature checked by a designated deacon. (Those with a temperature of 100 degrees or greater will not be allowed in the building) Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher is recommended to call the Vidant Hotline 252-847-8000 or Pitt Co. Health Department 252-902-2300 for medical assistance.).

Individuals should only enter into the sanctuary through the north side of the vestibule and exit at the end of the service through the same door. There is one exception, any handicapped individual should enter and exit through the rear ramp. Fellowship hall attendees should enter and exit through the foyer doors only.

The worship service will continue to start at 9:00AM during this initial phase of reopening the building. Deacons will be stationed at the entry doors promptly at 8:40 and ask they no one enter the building prior to this time to allow for proper screening prior to seating, except those actively participating in the service or support services.

B. There are hand sanitizing stations throughout the church building. One on a stand in the sanctuary foyer. Another on a stand in the fellowship foyer. Others are mounted on walls and tables throughout the building. Everyone is encouraged to sanitize their hands as they enter and as they exit.

C. There are face masks available at each entrance (sanctuary & fellowship hall). Everyone is expected to wear a face mask at all times, entering, inside and exiting the building.

D. Our cleaning crew will be using disinfectants, known to eliminate the coronavirus, to sanitize the church facilities on a regular basis.

E. Every other row in the sanctuary is roped off and will not to be used. Only one household per row, seated on every other row, until each available row is occupied. (We anticipate 40-50 people will probably be the maximum capacity during this phase).

F. The deacons will serve as ushers in the sanctuary and fellowship hall. They will be masked and help with seating of families as congregants enter. Deacons will need to help families with social distancing (6 feet apart) as they make their way into the building and are seated.

G. Offering plates will not be passed. There are offering receptacles at both ends of the sanctuary and one in the fellowship hall for people to give as they enter or as they leave. A deacon will be available to receive offerings in the parking as we have done on the past few months.

H. There will be no childcare nor children’s church provided at the current time.

I. There will be no “in person” youth or children’s ministries meeting during this time.

J. There will be no choir during this phase.

K. There will be no hymnals in the pews. Bulletins will be available each Sunday for those who would like and will be given out by a designated deacon upon entering.

Once the sanctuary is full, meaning every other row occupied, others will be directed to the fellowship hall, individual families seated at tables, and they may watch livestream. (tables will be arranged 6 feet apart)

Those who do not feel comfortable entering the building may park in the parking lot, tune to FM 89.9, and experience the service that way. We will continue to live stream Sunday morning services for those who would rather remain at home. We will also continue to utilize the dial a sermon hotline 252-221-9946 which may be called after the service and an audio recording of the service will play. CDs are available upon request for anyone who would like an audio recording of the service.

FUTURE PLANS: (These will come later)

Our situation is always changing with COVID-19.

Once a vaccine is available, and the COVID-19 numbers show a steady decline, we can begin to discuss a Sunday School schedule (Currently our classes have the option of meeting during the week outside or in the fellowship hall as they social distance and wear masks. Most have not because they are not comfortable as of yet. I know of two classes that are currently meeting weekly).

The discussion for resuming our choir ministry continues to be in the distant future, well into 2021.