SUNDAY SMALL GROUPS 9 a.m. ; SUNDAY WORSHIP 10:15 A.M. ; wednesday NIGHT 6:30 p.m.



“Winterville Baptist Church is a mission minded church.  When I first started attending WBC one of the first thing I recognized was the emphasis on missions, both locally and abroad.  In contrast many times churches become hyper focused on building numbers and programs within their own walls.  WBC has always also been focused on what they can do to spread the Gospel outside far beyond themselves.  They regularly endeavor to meet the needs of the congregation, the community, mission organizations and individual missionaries spread around the globe.” ~Gwen Peaden~

“I love my church because Pastor Mike tells us what we NEED to hear from God’s word instead of compromising and telling us what we may WANT to hear.  ~Dee Cooke~

“I feel a part of a family that is truly Christ-centered.  As a newer member everyone has been so welcoming and loving.   Our pastor and church are on fire for Christ” ~Chriss Hardison~

“1. Members reach out to aid other members and people in our community. 2.  Members have given me support when I or other family members were sick.   3. There is always a welcoming atmosphere in our church.” ~Joyce Weathington

“My husband and I are fairly “new” to WBC, but we couldn’t have been more warmly enveloped.  When we contracted COVID it was the people of WBC who were first on our doorstep.  And honestly that’s what a church family is:  someone you KNOW will stand in the gap, will encourage and lift you up, come alongside you and help iron sharpen iron.  We’re blessed to be a part of this church family of God.” ~Mindy Stoica

“1. The Word of God is taught each week with honor and praise for Jesus Christ.  2.  Jesus wants us to love and respect each other.  3. We have a close family church. 4. We reach out to help people in need.” ~Dot McRoy~

“It feels like home to me.   My church family is the best there ever was.  They are always there to help and comfort me when needed.  The Lord guided me to this church and it was the best thing that ever happened to me!  Thank you, Lord, for guiding me to Winterville Baptist Church.”  ~Martha Buck~

 “I LOVE my church because of the people who make up the church.   I feel welcomed and loved here.  I have felt that welcomeness from the first time I pulled into the parking lot for the outdoor services during COVID.   The Word of God is preached and lived out here.  We are a mission-minded church, both to support missionaries abroad and providing so many services right here in the community.  We have so many good workers in our church to do the duties that make us the church we are.  We are to be God’s hands and feet her on earth, and I feel like the people of this church do that in some way every day.  No one is doing it for their own glory, but to show God’s love to those we come into contact with daily.” ~Dee Mullins~

“I enjoy the fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters with whom I have the opportunity of serving Jesus Christ through serving our fellow man.  We welcome newcomers to worship and serve with us.  God has richly blessed me through the years, and I feel that WBC is where God has led me to worship and serve.” ~Ray Kornegay~

“Church has always been a vital part of my life and quite simply has always felt like "home" to me with a tremendous feel of family. Good food & fellowship, a wise and encouraging Word to get you through as well as a good place to come home to when the world can seem overwhelming and you just need a friend, a listening ear, a warm hug or a safe place to renew your strength and refocus.

     Everyone here welcomes new faces with warm smiles and you can't help but feel the sense of family, unconditional love and the support that you can lean on when the times get tough. But more importantly, I love the way the people here reach far beyond the walls and the shadow of our steeple into our community, neighborhood and world to strangers and others who may be struggling and searching for the love that Jesus commands us to demonstrate so unselfishly. 

     We eagerly await the opportunities to share the news of God's faithfulness to us and in turn demonstrate the commandment of Jesus "to love our neighbors as ourselves." What a great family to be a member of and to know that the seeds that we sow and share in His name today will be an inheritance that will last for all eternity!” ~Emily Perry~